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Individual Psychotherapy

Your life is not what you would like? 

Are you in trouble with your life, with your job or career, with your couple relationship? Are you trying to solve these problems on its own or with the help of your family or your friends and you still feel stuck? Anxious, depressed or misunderstood?

Then maybe it's time to seek help from an expert to help you get out.

There are moments in life when each of us might need a guide, a mentor .

My method is effective and fairly quick.

In the first session I recognize the psychological type you've inherited and the personality that characterizes you. They are fundamental and priority conditions for recognizing early, in the dialogue, the kind of "discomfort" below you are going through and how to get you out. Promptly we can take the path. Together we continue on it and before long, gradually becoming more and more independent and in control. At that point, our meetings are less frequent.

Instead, when psychotherapy is too long,  not only it means that the "initial unease" has not been resolved, but it is also likely to add a psychotherapist dependence, on which then still have to work for free. An example: a young psychotherapy for seven years - even - was in love with a peer, a guest in the holiday home of a friend. One day he went to see her friend, which, to allow her to attend the young man, invited her to stay for the weekend. The young man could not decide whether to stay or not and to do it finally had to call his psychotherapist.

During psychotherapy to learn to recognize the causes that  cause your condition, your mood, your feelings, your thoughts and behaviors, and how to address and resolve them. Your psychic energy that was leaking from its natural channels, like a flooded river, which is causing you discomfort, quickly, slowly, take its journey back and returns the serene. Back in control of yourself and you will be able to face new situations and challenges that life holds for you.

The areas of my specialties, in individual therapy, are:

  • The love and sex to improve

  • An abandonment to manage positively

  • family crisis

  • Anguish, Anxiety, Depression

  • Jobs and Career

  • Resume Self esteem

  • Via regain lost

  • And so on

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Lecture about The Sixteen Psychological Types
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