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Couples Psycotherapy

coppia terapia preventiva pre-matrimoniale

"How many couples are attracted, they fall in love, they get married: and then leave !? Other couples instead go of love and harmony for the duration of their lives. "
The factors which affect and determine the one or the other direction, ie the result, are different, but the main ones are a good sexual relationship and to form a suitable "the communication channel."
Unfortunately, it often happens that the two partners, even when they have reached a good sexual relationship, are not naturally compatible psycho-typological.
Therefore it will be necessary to analyze the personalities of both and make sure to have formed or that it is possible to produce a good or adequate "communication channel" in their relationship.
And as for the physical and mental health in general, even or especially to get a good couple relationship would be advisable to check in advance the compatibility or the possible formation of an appropriate "channel of understanding."
The learning by itself to be compatible or less, as well as be able to become, it involves immediately beneficial to the couple's relationship. Therefore, to work preventively is clearly advantageous that seems redundant to highlight.
In such restricted meetings and really analyze together the main aspects of the relationship and their possible solutions, on which then the couple decides to adopt them peacefully.


Violenza nella coppia




Over the last eighteen years I have conducted research that led me to analyze many individuals and marital relationships in Italy and abroad, including in some tribal populations of India and Mexico.

psicoterapia di coppiaYour relationship is not as you would like it to be? 

Then maybe it is time to seek the help of an expert who will help you to reconcile. 

My method is effective and fairly quick .
Already in the first meeting I recognize the psychological type of each member of the couple, and then soon the personality. That are critical preliminary condition to recognize, in the dialogue, the kind of "discomfort" below and the way in which the couple is living it. So, the loving and sexual relationship if it is to be improved, if the channel of communication between partners is adequate or requires adjustments, modifications, taken note of and everything else needed to be able to put back on track the relationship.

Thus the analysis in the couple's relationship  problems and conflicts into being and the appropriate solutions to build a communication channel in agreement or, where unavoidable, prevent the separation from turning into a tragedy. During psychotherapy learn to recognize causes that cause your condition, the loving and sexual relationship to be improved, your moods, your feelings, your thoughts and behaviors, and how to address and resolve them. And so on.

My approach is psychodynamic analytical but also , according to circumstances, with injections of behavioral and cognitive.

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