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My book on Psychological Types

The book includes a new theory of Applied typological psychology (normal-pathological /social-healing) necessary to get final results in psychotherapy, addictions etc.

  • In “normal” context: differentiate general attitudes and ways of approaching sex and love;

  • In pathologic context, it facilitates the psychotherapist’s comprehension of:

  • Psychic structure of the subject and his underlying disturbances, shortening psychotherapy;

  • Abandonment dynamics, effects and behaviours;

  • Stalking, dynamics and remedies to prevent or to contrast;

  • Addiction, nature of unconscious binding and ways to free a person from his addictions;

  • Unaware mothers, that in certain circumstances kill their child and how to prevent that.

  • In social context, F function is largely diffused in female gender and constitutes the main reason (besides res extensa) that make researchers and the general public to distinguish women and men, in a Manichean fashion, as two mathematical sets. Like, researchers from Stanford University that affirm:«the sense of humour is different between men and women and brain determines that difference», European politicians: «to reserve political posts for women», English education researchers: «in schools, girls study more than boys», without explaining why boys get better results at the university and at work. In fact, different behaviours and results don’t depend on gender but on psychological type.



di MIchele Russo 

Discover the psychologic types for you, your partner, your parents, your sons, your friends and... your enemies

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Lecture about The Sixteen Psychological Types
by Michele Russo
La Sapienza University - Rome

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Contains my research lasted 18 years ... and always continues.

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