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Useful  recommendations

To keep or to improve your psychophysics conditions:

  1. Try to live free from prejudices
  2. Find your own individuality 
  3. Try to say always the true, exspecially to yourself
  4. Be tolerant with others and demanding with yourself
  5. Think positive of people you meet
  6. Compare your friend’s opinion with yours, but decide what you believe is best
  7. Listen to everybody, there is something interesting in eachone of us
  8. Don’t be afraid to excuse yourself when you're wrong
  9. Love someone deeply
  10. Make sex, is good for your health
  11. Make sex often and with taste, is more enjoying than eating
  12. Learn to make sex as you learn to dance
  13. Don’t be afraid to suffer, is part of life
  14. Don’t take life too seriously, one day will last
  15. Learn to fool yourself
  16. Get unexpected nasty things as rebus to solve 
  17. Enjoy yourself when you can
  18. Make short but frequent vacations
  19. Have a balanced Mediterranean diet
  20. Go walking
  21. Sleep enough time to wake up rested
  22. Do some sport to keep in shape
  23. Have a hobby
  24. Don’t bring work in bed
  25. Make plans for short times
  26. Take enough time to do things: for instance, to drive car
  27. Take half an hour per day just for you
  28. Do something different from time to time
  29. Don’t exaggerate to do one thing only
  30. Meet or phone friends and relatives
  31. Learn to say nice things to people
  32. Be yourself as much as you can
  33. Treat others with respect
  34. Treat yourself with respect
  35. Don’t be afraid of what might happen tomorrow, it doesn’t depend on us
  36. Learn to live with sorrow
  37. Put your ideas into actions
  38. Do something and things will change
  39. Don’t be rancorous, will hurt you more than others
  40. Don’t blame problems, but front them one by one
  41. Concentrate on present and future programs, an live the past as font of experience
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