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About me

For about twenty years I followed  C. G. Jung suggestion:

«If you like to know human psyche you don’t have to search for it in textbooks or in psychology study, you won’t find it, but hang up exact science and put away the scholar’s gown to say farewell to your study and wander with human hearth through the world, through the horror of prisons, mad houses and hospitals, through drab suburban pubs, in brothels and gambling den, through salons of elegant society, stock exchanges, socialist meetings, churches, revivals and ecstasies of the sects, to experience love, hate and passion in every form in one’s body».

Since 1998 I concentrated my study, my reflections and my researches on Psychological Types of C. G. Jung. From that commitment steamed my applied theory of the “ Psychological types” reported in my book ““A natural microchip determines our psychological type ”.  

Education: College courses , Master, Workshop:

-          Psychotherapist in Analytical Psychology – London University, 1977;

-          Courses of Constitutional Law and Political Economy - University of Napoli, 1984;

-          Workshop of Film Analysis and Script Writing - Gotham Writers Workshop New York, 2000;

-          Master in Managing Rural Development, Managing Projects and Programs (Project Cycle Management, Project Analysis and Financial Management skills, Stakeholder Perspectives, Monitoring and Evaluation) - London University, 2001;

-          Courses of History of The Greek Ancient Theatre and History of the Medieval Art – University of Siena, 2002.

Father of two sons. My mother language is Italian and I speak fluent English, good French and some Spanish. I like to keep myself in good shape. I like traveling, listening to Classic music, but also Jazz and Rock, together with Theatre and Cinema and every expression of Art. Moreover I have a marked political and social interest of liberal nature.

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Lecture about The Sixteen Psychological Types
by Michele Russo
La Sapienza University - Rome

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Contains my research lasted 18 years ... and always continues.

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