Michele Russo

Researcher in Psychology of
Expert in Couple Relationship ...
Stalking/Violence behavior

on taking the first step
towards making changes in your life!

As a therapist, my mission is to:

  • Help to bring out your skills and your emotions.
  • Increase your skills in a couple relationship.
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge to solve your problems.

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Lecture about The Sixteen Psychological Types
by Michele Russo
La Sapienza University - Rome

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Contains my research lasted 18 years ... and always continues.

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 psicoterapia individuale
Men and women belong to a single psychological universe. The diversity of behaviors are between individuals, do not depend on gender, but rather from the psychological type to which they belong and the personality of each.
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Your relationship is not as you would like it to be? Then maybe it is time to seek the help of an expert who will help you to reconcile. My method is effective and fairly quick . From the first meeting I recognize the psychological type of each member of the couple, and then soon the personality.
 psicoterapia individuale
One of the most important results arising from my research leads me to say that the couple is NOT violence and gender stalking , have it classified as such a bit 'anywhere in the world was misleading.
Addiction to drugs, alcohol, gambling ..., dependence on partners in case of separation and abandonment. The three intervention methods have the purpose of severing the unconscious bond that is formed. It is an approach that does not interfere with other methods or therapies already in progress, as is psychological and acts on the unconscious functions.
 psicoterapia individuale
Why some couple achieve an excellent relationship while for other couple an healthy relationship is absolutely non-existent or very bad? Why some relation turns into love and others became tragedy or, by inertia, disappears?